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The objective of this project was to brand and design a clothing tag for a shawl. The target audience are women ages 25-45 who values simplicity, casual sophistication, and affordability.

Pink Prank

Research + Branding

The objective was to develop a 6-pack beverage brand based on a fun fact about Madison, Wisconsin. During the research process,  I discovered that Madison's official city bird is the plastic flamingo. This relates to the event in 1979 where members of the student government at UW-Madison decided to prank the dean. On the first day of the fall semester, the group known as the Pail & Shovel Party decorated the lawn of Bascom Hill with 1,008 of the kitschy birds.  It was the perfect “welcome back” message to students.

I also designed a promotional sticker on the packaging aimed towards the target audience of people ages 21-35.

Terra Council Annual Report

Branding + Page Layout + Typesetting 

The objective was to re-branded Terra Council,  a nonprofit environmental law organization,   and develop an annual report containing their highlights. I used original photographs and digital graphics.


Branding + UI/UX

The objective was to develop an online grocery app for college students ages 18-22 who are in

need of affordable food. 


Research + Package Design

+ Branding

The objective was to research on the Nelson Hall building in Stevens Point, WI and design a soap packaging based on the information gathered. My concept of an aromatherapy soap is based on the building's history as a women's dormitory. The target audience are working moms who value self care and natural products.

Lapidary Kit

Research + Package Design

+ Branding

The objective was to research the hobby of lapidary and package the information into an instructional tool. For those of you who don't know, lapidary is the art of cutting and polishing stones. I developed a kit for kids ages 10+ where they can create and learn to facet their own gemstones. The materials included in this kit are: polymer clay, instructions, clay utensils, sandpaper, glitter, gloss glaze and a paintbrush.



Research + Package Design

+ Branding

The objective was to research and design a board game based on humanitarianism. The quick game consists of 2 players, one being the Humanitarian who's goal is to save people, and the other being Crises who unleashes different natural disasters to claim lives. The target audience are people ages 8+.

the Folds

Photography + Poster design

The objective was to design a movie poster based on the  documentary Between the Folds. The film depicts

a cast of fine artists and eccentric scientists who have devoted their lives to the unlikely medium of modern origami. The film’s ultimate idea is

that art and science are two similar interpretations of origami.


Poster Design

This is a promotional poster for the Macbeth production at UW-Stevens Point. As the graphic designer for the COFAC, I collaborated regularly with the Marketing Specialist to develop print media for the art and design department.

Fears About Artmaking


The objective was to design a public, typographic artwork based on the essay Art & Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland. My design solution was an interactive puzzle where artists and designers can share their own fears about artmaking. When it all came together in the end, the puzzle read: "when you act out of fear, your fears come true".

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